Jurors see head pictures in murder trial

By Paul Thornton

GRUESOME photographs of head in the bag victim Heather Stacey were shown to a jury sitting at her murder trial yesterday.

Two graphic images showing the 44-year-old’s head lying beside a blue Ikea bag on a footpath in Edinburgh revealed the disturbing state of her badly decomposed remains.

Heather’s thinning, dyed red hair could be seen along with the discolouration of her skin in the pictures.

The eyes in her head were also missing.

Judge Lord Matthews yesterday (Tuesday) warned the eight women and seven men of the jury that the two photographs were “disturbing” before they were directed to them in books lodged as productions in the case.

Lord Matthews also checked that there were no members of the mum-of-four’s family in the public benches before allowing the images to be shown on two large-screen monitors in the court room.

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Sex criminal blames gay “repression” after grooming kids

By Michael MacLeod

AN old-age pervert who groomed two boys by plying them with alcohol then sexually abusing them has been jailed for eight months.

Joseph Johnstone, 67, claimed that growing up in a time when homosexuality was frowned upon skewed his understanding of normal behaviour.

He snared two 15 year-old boys by inviting them into his home for tea and biscuits in May last year.
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