Cup party cut short for Dundee Utd fan attacked and robbed of scarf

By Michael MacLeod

A DUNDEE United fan was attacked and robbed of his scarf just hours after the team won the Scottish Cup final.

The 43 year-old was walking on Brook Street, just north of the city’s university campus, when he was assaulted.

Three teenagers shoved him to the ground and made off with his Tangerines scarf.

Police have appealed for witnesses to Saturday’s 10.30pm robbery.
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Anger as doctors pocket £142 for every cremation

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTTISH doctors have pocketed an estimated £1.5 million by charging grieving families to have cremation certificates signed.

The £71 so-called “ash cash” charge allows a deceased person’s body to be released for cremation.

Both GPs and hospital doctors each charge for the form-filling exercise, leaving the deceased person’s relatives to fork out £142.

But most mourning families have no idea they are paying the fee, which doctors could choose to waive if they wanted to, as it is often charged to the funeral director who buries it among the final bill.
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BREAKING NEWS: Further cancellations for Scots flyers

By Michael MacLeod

THOUSANDS of Scots travellers will wake up this morning (Monday) facing the likelihood of being held hostage by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud.

They were warned by the Scottish Government that the outlook would “worsen” today following dozens of cancellations on flights yesterday.

Speaking at an emergency briefing, finance secretary John Swinney predicted disruption would spread further in the next 24-hours due to the Eyjafjallajokull volcano’s continued eruptions and unpredictable wind directions.

And in a further sign of the dust’s impact on every-day life, the Met Office yesterday (Sunday) began issuing a five-day ash spread forecast as part of its standard weather announcements.

And late last night Easyjet bosses admitted they were as in-the-dark as their passengers as to which areas of the country would see planes grounded.

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Jack warns Clegg and Cameron: Trust will be tough

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTLAND’s former First Minister Jack McConnell says trust, rather than the economy, will be the biggest challenge to the new UK Government.

Mr McConnell says the Tory and Lib Dem coalition will have “life and death” decisions to make – but the key will be their relationship.

He praised David Cameron and Nick Clegg for “a great start,” but warned that head-to-head battles are inevitable and potentially damaging.
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Sally’s pioneering wheelchair Nevis bid is summit else

By Michael MacLeod

A BRAVE Scotswoman has vowed to become the first person to climb Ben Nevis unaided in a wheelchair.

Sally Hyder, 47, who has multiple sclerosis, says she will not be “shackled down by this stupid disease.”

She is currently training to take on Britain’s highest mountain in a battery-powered off-road wheelchair in August.

And although wheelchair users have reached the 4,406ft-peak before, the path is so steep at the top that they have previously had to be carried to the summit.
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University’s wine cooler purchase branded a “disgrace”

By Michael MacLeod

BOSSES of one of Scotland’s biggest universities have splashed out £5,000 on wine cabinets, despite looming job cuts.

Strathclyde University said it needed to keep its bottles of wine cool to cut its carbon footprint.

But the new wine stores have raised questions over the university’s commitment to cutting costs in the face of a tighter funding settlement from the Scottish Government.
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Sat-navs criticised as Scottish speed camera fines fall

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTS drivers have put the brakes on at speed cameras, sending speeding fines plummeting by a dramatic 60 per-cent.

New government statistics show almost 50,000 motorists were punished for speeding last year compared to 114,000 in 2006.

Some experts claimed the fall shows hard-hitting safety campaigns are making their mark.

But motoring organisations believe speed trap detecting in-car satellite navigation devices are behind the reduction in fines.
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