New PM Cameron arrives in Scotland – by the back door

By Michael MacLeod

DAVID Cameron was forced to scrap plans for a grand public arrival at the Scottish Parliament today as protesters forced him to make his way via the back door instead.

His first official visit to Scotland as Prime Minister was meticulously planned in advance of his meeting with First Minister Alex Salmond.

Arrangements had been made for Mr Cameron’s green Jaguar car to deliver him at the Queensberry House entrance off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

But an eleventh-hour change swung into place after noisy crowds of protestors gathered in wait.

None the less, the new PM shrugged off the demo, and laughed:  “I’m making friends everywhere.”
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Court on camera – man stole change from photobooths

By Paul Thornton

A PHOTOBOOTH worker stole over £10,000 in loose change which he emptied from the machines.

Colin Smith, 35, worked for Snap Digital Imaging and travelled around Scotland collecting the takings from the passport picture booths.

But instead of banking the coins Smith used the cash to pay off bills and mortgage payments.

His scam was revealed after a company audit confirmed the missing cash and Smith was arrested.

And at Edinburgh Sheriff Court he pleaded guilty to embezzling £10,724 from the company during August 2008.

It was initially claimed that Smith took over £15,000 from the machines but a reduction in the amount was accepted by prosecutors.

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Mum ‘content’ with sheriff’s findings

By Paul Thornton

THE mum of a toddler who plunged to his death in an Edinburgh office block has welcomed a sheriff’s findings over the tragedy.

Louise McCreath, 34, she was “content” that Sheriff Mhairi Stephen had recommended that building laws were tightened up.

Ben McCreath was just 21-months old when he squeezed through a 15cm gap between a safety barrier and a wall, falling almost five metres in the fatal accident.

The tot had been exploring on the first floor of the Princes Exchange in Edinburgh’s Earl Grey Street on February 14, 2006.

His mother Louise – a part-time receptionist at the building – was having a meeting with bosses and had brought Ben along at the time of the tragedy.

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Postmaster charms robber out of shop

By Paul Thornton

A MODEST postmaster who stood-up to a masked raider when he tried to rob his shop has insisted “I’m no hero”.

John Gordon, 57, saw off the terrifying intruder after the would-be thief burst into his post office in Crossgates, Fife.

The robber – disguised by a balaclava – thrust a bag over the counter and demanded that John filled it with cash.

But brave John twice refused, sending the desperado packing, before calmly calling police and getting back to serving customers.

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