Ex-PM Brown still the boss, as he sends wife to Tesco

By Cara Sulieman

AFTER his very public departure from high office, it was perhaps of little surprise that Gordon Brown would chose to keep a low profile on what was his first day back as a jobbing MP.

Back in his beloved Fife, at the North Queensferry home where his children no doubt were enthused as to how daddy suddenly had so much free time, the former Prime Minister stayed behind closed doors.

It was his wife Sarah, a rock to him these past few tumultuous days, who was to run the gauntlet of photographers, TV crews and reporters camped at the end of their driveway.

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Gang “terrorised” phsychic mum into £16k bank fraud

By Michael MacLeod

A PSYCHIC medium has told of how she was “terrorised” into a £16,000 bank scam by a gang of Asian men who threatened to kill her children if she refused.

Lynne MacNeill, 41, said she was forced to front a plot to get huge loans using fake ID after a clairvoyant session went wrong.

She said a reading that started “friendly and full of banter” ended in “my worst nightmares” when she realised she was working for a criminal Glasgow gang.

She wept at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today as she was spared jail and instead ordered to carry out community service having admitted to being “roped in” to committing fraud.
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