Public facing workers “deserving of abuse”

By Andrea McCallum

NIGHTCLUB bouncers, call centre workers, parking attendants and receptionists are all considered “legitimate targets” for abuse from members of the public, according to new government research.

Airport workers, police officers, and front-line civil servants are also considered to be “deserving” of abuse whereas firefighters, ambulance crews and nurses are not.

The research involved members of the public putting18 professionals on a scale from “deserving” to “undeserving” when it came to the legitimacy of attacks.

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Cops to hide tattoos

By Andrea McCallum

TATTOOED cops are being ordered to hide their inked body parts after reports they shock crime victims.

Four of Scotland’s police forces have announced a crackdown on body art and will no longer recruit anyone with markings on their face or neck.

Police officers in Tayside, Grampian, Fife and Lothian and Borders with tattoos will now cover them up with full-length sleeved shirts.

But forces in Strathclyde, Northern, Central and Dumfries and Galloway have said they will keep their policy of dealing with tattooed officers on a “case by case basis”.

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JK Rowling makes list of top power brokers

By Andrea McCallum

HARRY Potter author JK Rowling has made a list of top power brokers following the global success of her wizard novels.

The Edinburgh-based author has been branded as one of the world’s ‘most influential’ people and joins Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg in the league table compiled by American business magazine Forbes.

Although Forbes estimated Rowling’s fortune at £675m ($1 billion) she is ranked next to Gates ($53 billion) and Spielberg ($3 billion) because of her cultural reach.

Forbes placed Rowling at 937th place in the world’s 1,000 richest people.

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George Galloway heads stateside for new career

By Zoe Keown

FORMER Scots Labour MP George Galloway is hoping to launch a new career in Hollywood presenting documentary films.

Keen to follow in the footsteps of left-winged film maker Michael Moore, Galloway is set to tackle the Palestinian troubles in Gaza.

He said: “I’m off to California on Saturday to speak to people in the film business about a long-standing idea I’ve had to do a Michael Moore type treatment of the Palestinian conflict.

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Note reveals Burns’ love for muse

By Zoë Keown

A LOVE note written by Scotland’s most celebrated poet declaring his feelings for the muse of many of his most passionate works has, at last, been confirmed by a team of scholars and researchers at Glasgow University.

Held by the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway, the note is the only first-hand account of Burns’s heart rendering relationship with his lover, Highland Mary.

On an empty page to accompany his song The Highland Lassie, O, Burns tenderly describe his Highland love.

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Scotland’s drinks make world’s top 100 brands list

By Andrea McCallum

SCOTLAND has been named as an alcohol superpower after nearly 20 of its drinks brands made the world’s top100 list.

In the Power 100 – an annual survey of the world’s leading drinks brands – 16 of Scotland’s alcoholic tipples made the grade.

And that total includes five brands in the top 20 with Johnnie Walker at number two, Chivas Regal at eight, Ballantine’s at ten, Dewar’s at 16 and J&B at 19.

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