New education scheme to prepare schools for major cuts

By Rory Reynolds

A NEW education scheme to reduce expenditure and waste ahead of sweeping public sector cuts is to be piloted in Scotland.

S5 and S6 pupils studying Advanced Highers and the new baccalaureates will be bussed to classes in different schools to cut down on costs.

The new curriculum, which is to run in West Lothian, is intended to be put in place in schools where pupils are learning more specialised subjects.

The ‘West Lothian Campus’ is to see a section of the local authority’s 2,700 pupils visit other sites once a week to avoid wasting funds on classes with just a few pupils.

Along with the classes the initiative will also see pupils using more interactive learning tools like Glow and Scholar. Continue reading

How the 2010 election was won and lost in Scotland

By Michael MacLeod

The ink on the ballot papers has barely dried and still the shape of the UK Government remains unknown.

But the Scottish political map is completely clear, as Labour maintained their grip by winning at least 41 out of 58 seats north of the border.

All parties were keen to prove they had the Susan Boyle x-factor and a feisty election battle triggered the highest turn out in years.

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