Ex-sheriff, 91, says he loves “a bit of fisticuffs” after attack

By Michael MacLeod

A RETIRED sheriff was taken prisoner in his own home while he was robbed of his precious wartime medals.

Thug Michael MacKinnon burst into 91 year-old William Hook’s Edinburgh townhouse and covered the ex-sheriff’s head with a cloth.

But Hook fought back and gave the intruder a black eye, forcing him out his back door where he got stuck in a river and arrested by police.

Speaking of his ordeal sheriff Hook said: “The chap didn’t scare me in the slightest – in fact I like a bit of fisticuffs.”

MacKinnon, 26, came face to face with a different sheriff in court yesterday and pled guilty to assault and robbery charges.
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Scotland legend Alan Rough auctions jerseys after attic discovery

By Rory Reynolds

FORMER Scotland keeper Alan Rough held his hands up last night and admitted to selling the jerseys.

But he’s not been caught in the latest sporting shame.

He’s decided the time is right to auction off his prize collection of shirts spanning some of the nation’s greatest games.

Roughie found more than 10 years worth of his own strips that his late dad Robert had kept over the years.

The goalie – who was capped 53 times for Scotland – used to hand over the jerseys to his dad after each game, but forgot about the collection until he was helping his mum clean out her attic. Continue reading

Twins win entire contents of chocolate shop after contest

By Rory Reynolds

A PAIR of sweet-toothed twins were tucking into the first of 2,200 chocolate bars yesterday after they won the entire contents of a sweet shop.

Lucy Duff secured a chocolate windfall after she guessed how many bars were remaining in Edinburgh’s Kshocolat store following its closure in January.

The 11-year-old’s guess of 2,201 goodies was just six off the correct total of 2,207 which were left in the shop.

Yesterday Lucy pledged to share at least some of the 22 boxes worth of chocolate with twin sister Emma and mum Rosemary to avoid tummy ache.

She said: “We went around the shop and looked at all the sweets, and I just picked a random number which I thought was pretty close. Continue reading

Provost says he has “**** all” to answer for over kilt expenses row

By Rory Reynolds

A SCOTS Lord Provost who took a 150-mile round trip to buy a tailored kilt on expenses has said he has “**** all” to answer for.

Labour’s Adam Montgomery billed taxpayers for his favourite Kilmarnock FC tartan – costing £890 – and the £60 if cost him to get there.

The Midlothian Council boss has defended his purchase, which he says was for the twinning of Bonnyrigg and Lasswade with a town in France.

However, last night the local authority’s SNP group leader branded the move “a terrible waste of money”, adding that he had never seen Montgomery wear a kilt on an official occasion before.

Montgomery defended his claim, saying: “I am the lowest paid Lord Provost in Scotland. I received my P60 last month and I earned a total of £15,300 last year. Continue reading

GE2010: Tories on track to turn back time on Scotland

Deadline reporter PAUL THORNTON joined SNP leader Alex Salmond for an interview on the campaign trail during his journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow as the countdown to polling continues.

THE SNP has warned that Scotland is on track to be dragged back into a Thatcher like era even if the Tories fail to win any seats north of the Border.

During a coast to coast rail journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Nats leader Alex Salmond said only the prospect of a hung Parliament through voting for his party could stop that from happening.

Mr Salmond said: “We are now certain that there are only two possible outcomes to this election.

“One is a balanced Parliament.

“But we also have to look at the possibility that there is a Tory government.

“We are hoping for a balanced Parliament because that would allow for a strong block of SNP and Plaid Cymru, a Celtic block to get success for Scotland.

“David Cameron has refused to answer the question whether he is going to tear up the funding formula and have a special Scottish cut in addition to all the other spending cuts.

“It is an incredible claim by the Conservatives that even if they get no MPs at all in Scotland they will rule the country on the back of anyone who votes Liberal or Labour.

“That is what Margaret Thatcher used to do in the 80s and David Cameron seems to want to take us back to the 1980s.

“What we have got from Labour now, it looks like the last desperate throw of the dice, if they had said this at the start of the campaign then there might have been some logic to it but now in the last few days it looks like ‘oh dear, we are getting beat what can we think of to try to prop up our position?’. Continue reading

GE2010: Shun X-Factor celebrity leaders say Labour

Deadline reporter RORY REYNOLDS hears from Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy & Edinburgh South candidate Ian Murray why Scotland must stop the Tories.

SCOTTISH secretary Jim Murphy urged voters to shun the “X-Factor celebrity” leaders of the Tories and Lid Dems and back Labour as the final week of the election campaign got underway yesterday.

Murphy billed Gordon Brown as a “man of substance” and urged undecided voters to back his party, saying “we can still win this.”

Unveiling a new election poster in central Edinburgh yesterday alongside local candidates the cabinet minister said that Scotland should be afraid of what a Tory government might do to public services.

He said: “There’s a huge number of undecided voters across the whole of the country. I think we can still win this.

“If you want X-Factor celebrity type politics then of course you can put yourself next to someone else’s name. Continue reading

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