Hearts urge fans to embrace low-fat pies

By Rory Reynolds

SCOTS football fans are facing the biggest change to the national game in decades – low fat half time pies.

The pies have been specially baked by Quality Meat Scotland who claim they contain 40 per cent less fat than the tradition creations munched down by thousands of fans every weekend.

On Sunday the low fat food was unveiled at the Hearts v Hamilton match at Tynecastle Stadium in Edinburgh – where it was the only pie on the menu for hungry supporters.

Most fans embraced the new light pie – which the club says has 40 per cent less fat – but some full-fat puritans were a bit suspect at the new addition to the menu.

Malcolm Gray, 20 a student from Dalry in Edinburgh, was somewhat suspect about the light alternative, saying: “It’s not for me. I like my pies to be pies. Continue reading

Grit shortage fears after councils reveal a one day supply

By Rory Reynolds

SCOTLAND’S road network could be brought slithering to its knees by heavy snow again this week – because council chiefs have failed to stock up on salt and grit.

Local authorities were heavily criticised early in the New Year after stocks of road salt were allowed to run out.

But despite weather forecasters warning of heavy snow arriving across most parts this week, it has emerged many councils still don’t have enough supplies to cope.

Some revealed last night that they only have enough grit to last a few hours.

The Met Office has said it expects up to three days of snow north of the border later this week, sparking fears that untreated roads will become treacherous to drivers. Continue reading

Sozzled swimmer sparks search

By Rory Reynolds

A DOZY drunk sparked a search and rescue yesterday after he staggered into a canal.

Emergency services were called to the Union Canal in Edinburgh after a passer-by saw a man plunge into the water.

Fire crews and paramedics searched for the sozzled swimmer in the Dalry area of the city at around 7am, before finding he had pulled himself out.

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said that the man had been very drunk, and didn’t recall what had happened some minutes earlier.

He said: “We were called to Dorset Place at 6.56am. Continue reading

Fife hospital needs to clean up act

By Cara Sulieman

A SCOTS hospital which suffered a series of superbug related deaths has been slammed over its poor hygiene levels in a damning new report.

The Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline, Fife, was slated by inspectors for filthy bedding and dangerously filled bins in a dossier of shame first published today (mon).

The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate said it found that bins earmarked for sharp items had been filled with other waste items, while there were needles protruding from full bins.

During their check visit on January 13 and 14, they were alarmed to find that front line mattresses – including those in A&E – badly contaminated but marked cleaned for use.

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Toddler returns home after life-saving treatment

By Cara Sulieman

A TODDLER who suffers from a rare form of cancer has returned from the States where he was undergoing life-saving treatment.

Two-year-old Ross Anterton was diagnosed with a muscle cancer called orbital rhabdomyosarcoma last August.

The condition is so rare that it affects fewer than 60 children a year in the UK.

The tots parents – Andrew Anterton and Lesley Lauder – were told that the best chance for him was a new treatment called Proton Beam Therapy, which is not yet available in the UK.

They started a fundraising appeal and when the NHS agreed to pay £120,500, the family flew to the US in December to start a course of therapy at the Florida Proton Therapy Institute.

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Hearts owner’s building “at risk”

By Cara Sulieman

AN ICONIC building owned by Hearts majority shareholder Vladimir Romanov has been branded “at risk” after sitting empty for three years.

The Scottish Civic Trust added the former RBS headquarters in Edinburgh city centre to its register after saying it was starting to show “some signs of deterioration”.

They also said there were now “signs of vandalism” at the building at 42 St Andrew’s Square.

Romanov’s investment company UBIG bought the former offices in 2007 and confirmed that they were pressing on with plans to develop the building and will be submitting planning application later this year.

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Scottish Defence League plan next protest

SDL members penned in the pub on Saturday

By Cara Sulieman

ANGRY Scottish Defence League (SDL) organisers are already planning their next gathering in Scotland after attempts to stage a protest in Edinburgh at the weekend failed.

But the group has been hit by infighting over Saturday’s embarrassment with some members convinced “spies” fed information to the police and anti-fascist protestors.

Yesterday they announced that they will hold what they claimed would be a “respectful vigil” in Lockerbie.

They claim the March 27 gathering will be in protest against Kenny MacAskill, who they have branded a “traitor”, saying that the Justice Secretary denied the SDL freedom of speech.

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