Thugs begin 12-months in jail for stamp attack

By Michael MacLeod

A COKE dealing thug who launched a horror stamp attack on a Pakistani shopkeeper has been jailed for a year.

Bajinder Bajwa was chasing a group of “nuisance” ten year-olds out of his corner shop when convicted cocaine dealer Ryan Moore, 22, launched a brutal assault.

He jumped in front of Mr Bajwa, punched him so hard in the face that he fell to the ground and began stamping on his head and body.

Today (Friday) in court Moore admitted he had drunkenly “misunderstood” the situation when the shopkeeper was asking the youngsters to leave.
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Conmen’s fraud pact exposed after arguement over cash

By Michael MacLeod

A FRAUDSTER at the centre of a “rogue’s pact” has escaped a jail sentence for shoving an accomplice into a car and demanding money from him.

Kessar Ali, 21, turned on fellow conman Cameron Corsie, claiming he had been duped out of his share of the takings from a cash scam.

The pair agreed to meet to settle their dispute, but the discussion turned nasty as Corsie was bundled into a car.

Ali was originally charged with abduction after Corsie claimed he was assaulted while in the back of the car heading along the M8 to Glasgow.
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Survey shows Scots use porn to boost sex lives

By Andrea McCallum

HALF of all Scots watch or read porn – and think it boosts their sex life.

A large number of those who view porn were adamant it helped relationships between the sheets.

But according to a YouGov online survey less than a quarter of Scots who have lost their virginity said they were “very happy” with their sex lives.

And only nine per cent rated themselves as excellent in bed.

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Hours-old puppy found abandoned in street

By Andrea McCallum

A NEWBORN puppy has been saved from death after it was found abandoned in the street.

The hours-old black female was discovered by a passer-by who alerted animal welfare officers to the freezing pup.

And now the tiny dog – who was still in her birth sack when rescued – is fighting for her life whilst in the care of the Scottish SPCA in Edinburgh.

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Coin licked by SuBo sold

By Cara Sulieman

ONE wacky eBay bidder bagged themselves a so called bargain when they bought a pound coin allegedly LICKED by Susan Boyle for just 99 pence.

After seven days on the site, the auction only attracted one bid in the final day is was listed.

And with no other interest, the bidder nabbed the memorabilia for the lowest possible price.

With free postage, they can look forward to receiving a one pence profit along with a small piece of SuBo’s saliva.

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