Flybe crew catch cleaner stealing alcohol and perfume from plane

By Michael MacLeod

AN AIRPORT cleaner has admitted stealing booze and perfume by forcing open cabin trolleys on a plane.

Managers at Edinburgh Airport sacked Jamie Muir after Flybe crew members spotted him pinching goods from their plane.

He was supposed to be tidying the aircraft as it refuelled between flights.

The 21 year-old got the boot after two years in the job and today (Friday) pled guilty to a string of thefts at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.
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David Cameron makes a splash during Edinburgh University visit

By Oliver Farrimond

TORY leader David Cameron paid a visit to Edinburgh University yesterday to examine experimental technology on his way to the Scottish Conservative conference in Perth.

The Old Etonian was given a whistle-stop tour of the university’s high-tech facilities, including several cutting edge alternative energy projects.

Cameron quizzed university scientists over the uses and applications of the technology and showed special interest in an experimental wave generator.

While watching a demonstration of the device he asked: “How extreme can you make this?” Continue reading