Sordid teen asked mum’s friend to appear in porn

By Michael MacLeod

A SEEDY teenager phoned his mum’s friend pretending he worked for Razzle magazine offering her the chance to appear in porn.

Lyle Irvine rang 59-year-old Anne Bain 40 times across five months last year, claiming he worked in the porn industry.

Mrs Bain had no idea that her friend’s 19 year-old son was on the other end of the phone.

But the prank calls turned even nastier when he gasped: “F*** me, f*** me, I’ve got a big c***.”

The horrified woman rang BT and police, who traced the calls back to Irvine and charged him under the Communications Act.
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Court clerk jailed over £130,000 expenses and blank cheques fraud

By Michael MacLeod

A DISGRACED ex-court clerk who swindled £130,000 by faking expenses and writing blank cheques has been jailed for 24 months.

Conman Graeme Wilson‘s massive scam on his own employers at Edinburgh Sheriff Court saw him pocket £52,000 by forging signatures on 200 false juror expense forms.

When bosses moved him to a different department, he launched a new scheme to pocket himself £78,000 in fake fees for reports on other criminals by using the names of imaginary doctors.

Wilson used the cash to fund a lavish lifestyle and lived a “double-life”, telling workmates he topped-up his income by playing semi-professional rugby.

The brass-necked former sheriff clerk was finally caught when he audaciously tried to carry on conning the court – three months after leaving the service.

Last night (Thursday) the 29 year-old began two years behind bars, alongside the very criminals he used to see every day in his job.
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Limb specialist off register after admitting series of offences

By Andrea McCallum

A LIMB specialist has been banned from treating patients after a mix-up with a pensioner’s prosthetic left him with two left feet.

Malcolm Griffiths fitted a left foot to a right amputee and failed to notice for EIGHT months despite two check-ups between November 2006 and June 2007.

The technician was sacked from the Smart disability living centre at Edinburgh’s Astley Ainslie Hospital in 2008.

And yesterday he was officially struck off the Health Profession Council (HPC) register after he admitted 16 charges of incompetence.

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Card shop set for anti-love rush

By Natalie Kwek

SCOTS card shops are bracing themselves to be blitzed this weekend by loved-up couples celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Around 24 million people will buy a card for the most romantic day of the year.

But this year single women will be sending a flurry of cheeky anti-Valentine’s Day messages, according to one major card retailer.

Scribbler, who last year brought their witty greeting card chain north of the border to Edinburgh and Glasgow, is renowned for its tongue-in-cheek humour.

As 85 per cent of card buyers in the UK are women, Scribbler has prepared itself for the single female customer, who can participate in the impending day by celebrating their singledom with amusing anti-Valentine’s Day greeting cards.

Among the bestsellers at Scribbler is a card illustrating a mischievous looking nun with the motto “I Feel a Sin Coming On …” and another with an image of a couple in a field with the phrase “It’s better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho the rest of your life”.

The cards retail at £2.50 at Scribbler stores across the UK, and online at

Scribbler owner and founder John Procter said he was pleased the international festival of romance was being re-owned by unattached people buying funny cards to celebrate single life.

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