Waterstone’s apologise after sick murder read added to kids’ list

By Rory Reynolds

BRITAIN’S biggest bookseller has recommended a novel containing savage violence, sex and swearing for kids as young as eight.

Waterstone’s placed the violent thriller Sawbones by Scots author Sawboneson their Guide to Kids’ Books.

The store listed the novel in their “Reluctant Readers” category, as one of three titles which are suitable for “reluctant, struggling or dyslexic readers aged 8+”.

The catalogue, available in-store and by mail order, stated: “Kids always enjoy books which feel a bit subversive or naughty.”

The novel features a serial killer touring the United States and along the way killing young women.

It even opens with the sentence: “Soon as I see the police in the rear-view mirror, I know we’re f****d” – and goes on to use variants of the F-word 89 times in just 113 pages.

The plot also features three male castrations, references to oral sex, limbs being hacked off, and a vicious dog attack on a girl.

Waterstone’s admitted they made a “terrible mistake” after highlighting the serial killer novel to “reluctant, struggling or dyslexic readers aged 8+”.

A spokesman for Waterstone’s said: “Unfortunately a jacket image of a book intended for adults was included in Waterstone’s Guide to Kids’ Books.

“We sincerely apologise for any offence this error may have caused our customers.”

He added that every copy of the catalogue would be recalled immediately.

Author Stuart MacBride, famous for his gritty Aberdeen cop featuring DS Logan McRae, said: “I’m certainly surprised, but I wouldn’t encourage or discourage children of eight or over from reading Sawbones.

“Most of the violence is suggested or implied.”

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