One dead and five injured in ice horror smash

By Rory Reynolds

ONE man has died and five others are in hospital after a horrific crash caused by treacherous icy roads.

Two adult males were flown by RAF helicopter to hospital in Dumfries, while two men and a child were rushed to hospital in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for the emergency services said that one car slid side-on after skidding on ice and ploughed into another at around 10.30am on the A701 near Tweedsmuir in the Borders.

A special trauma team from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary was sent to the scene, because of the severity of the crash.

A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service said: “We attended a road traffic collision at 10.30am this morning, on the A701 near Tweedsmuir, involving two vehicles, caused by the icy roads. Continue reading

Scots MEP takes up security role in volatile region

By Rory Reynolds

A SCOTS MEP is to take up an international disaster investigation role in one of the world’s most volatile regions.

Tory Struan Stevenson will become ‘personal representative for ecology and the environment’ at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe next week.

Stevenson’s role is to strengthen regional security in central Asia, which covers the war-torn nations of Chechnya and Georgia.

His role will focus on the impact of man-made ecological disasters, including the continuing effects of Soviet nuclear tests, as well as investigating what impact they have on the regional economy and security.

The Tory veteran, who has been an MEP for a decade, said: “My remit is to draw up a report on the environmental problems affecting central Asia. Continue reading

Police fork out £75,000 for “misfuelling” squad cars

By Rory Reynolds

SCOTS police forces have had to fork out £75,000 to repair hundreds of squad cars after bungling bobbies filled them up with the wrong fuel.

On more than 400 occasions police vehicles had to be serviced after their drivers put petrol into diesel engines, or vice versa.

And one small force even spent £10,200 on fixing just two vehicles after “misfuelling” left them badly damaged.

Critics have blasted the errors as “unbelievable”, and have called for police bosses to “get a grip” on the costly mishaps.

Figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws showed that Strathclyde accounted for the lion’s share of damaged cars, spending a staggering £35,830 on 240 vehicles in the period 2005-2009. Continue reading

Declassified documents show cabinet considered draconian measures after Tartan Army rampage

By Rory Reynolds

GOVERNMENT ministers nearly banned the Tartan Army from London after shocking scenes of violence and disorder, according to declassified documents.

Scotland fans – now known across the world for their good behaviour and rapport with away supporters – once risked facing draconian measures after two notorious fixtures with England in 1977 and 1979.

A report by the director of London Transport, classified until now, described how nearly 350 drunk fans were arrested as the city’s tube network was paralysed.

Trains were left “ankle deep” in urine, excrement, bottles and cans as passengers fled the baying horde after the 3-1 defeat in 1979.

He wrote: “In many cases football supporters were observed urinating on platforms in full view of other passengers. Continue reading

Brother says SuBo has fame but no fortune, yet

By Michael MacLeod

SUSAN Boyle is still living off a £200 per-week allowance and “hasn’t seen a penny of her fortune” according to her brother.

The singing sensation is thought to be worth millions after her debut album shifted four million copies world-wide in just a month.

But her brother Gerry is urging her to leave her humble council house, fearing thieves are planning a raid when in fact she has “nothing worth stealing.”

His comments came as weekend reports claimed SuBo, 48, had a panic alarm fitted in her home after she found intruders lurking in her garden in the middle of the night.

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Former nurse patents booze-o-meter glass

By Rory Reynolds

A FORMER Scots nurse has invented a glass design that shows drinkers the number of units they are downing in an attempt to cut down on the nation’s binge drinking culture.

John Sharp, 57, came up with the design, which can be printed on wine, beer and spirit glasses to provide a visual of how much booze is being consumed.

Sharp, now a councillor for Moray Council, has successfully patented the product, which could become a regular sight in bars across Scotland.

He said: “It became apparent to me that alcohol is measured in units, but nobody really knows what a unit is.

“There are no glasses available that actually measure units so I began to investigate.” Continue reading

Girl, 7, in hospital after Christmas Eve smash

By Rory Reynolds

A SEVEN year-old girl is recovering in hospital after a horrific Christmas Eve car smash.

The youngster ran into an oncoming vehicle on her way back from playing in the snow at a park.

Her shocked family – believed to be Eastern European – spent Christmas by her bedside in Edinburgh’s Sick Kids Hospital, where she is being treated for facial and traumatic injuries.

Last night Police said she remained in hospital and there was “no update” on her condition.

Tearful neighbours said she ran out onto the road in front of the vehicle on Stevenson Drive in Edinburgh. Continue reading

Original Taggart scripts were “murdur” says expert cop

By Michael MacLeod

A TOP cop who was asked to rate the first ever Taggart scripts has admitted he predicted the show would flop.

Strathclyde’s Detective Chief Inspector Les Brown was approached by STV bosses to cast an expert eye on the show’s pilot episodes in 1982.

Les, now retired, declared the scripts “a load of rubbish,” but was left red-faced when the series went on to become the longest-running police drama in British TV history.

Christmas Eve saw the gritty drama reach its 100th episode.

But Les, who was offered cash by STV for his expertise while heading murder investigations at Scotland’s biggest police force in the early 80s, confessed he never thought Taggart would last.

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Flab-fighting surgeon wants to collar obesity

By Michael MacLeod

OBESITY warnings should be stitched onto the labels of large clothes according to a Scots surgeon.

Chubby shoppers could get more than they bargained for when they pick their sizes if Edinburgh Royal Infirmary doctor Chris Oliver has his way.

He fears Scotland’s weight problem is “spiralling out of control” and wants clothing manufacturers to take “serious action.”

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Gleneagles chef set to tuck into Kilimanjaro challenge

By Michael MacLeod

CANCER-conquering chef Andrew Fairlie is planning his next challenge to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.

And as Scotland’s top hotel chef, he wants to serve up haggis, neeps and tatties when his trek team reaches the top.

He told a weekend interview that he plans to climb a mountain a month in preparation for the 2011 adventure.

The 45 year-old Gleneagles Hotel restaurant boss recently cooked for world leaders of the G8 summit.

But he says reaching the summit of Africa’s highest mountain is “a walk in the park” compared to conquering cancer, so he’s raising money for the charities that helped save his life.

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