Family in shock over murder accused’s bail

Floral tributes outside the house where Carol Jarvis' body was found

By Paul Thornton & Cara Sulieman

A GRIEVING family said they were “shocked” after discovering their murder accused dad has been released from custody in time for Christmas – while he still awaits trial over the death of their mum.

Carol Jarvis, 47, was found in her home at Bathgate, West Lothian, by police during the early hours of September 16.

Husband Harry Jarvis, 59, was later arrested along with Rita Heyster, 55, following the discovery of Carol’s body at the house in Balbardie Crescent.

They are charged with the murder of Mrs Jarvis as well as attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The pair – both from Bathgate – are also charged with board and lodgings fraud as well as theft.

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Last batches of Go Go Hamsters before Christmas

By Cara Sulieman

POSH Scots department store Jenners is bracing itself for chaos tomorrow morning (Sat) ready for desperate parents queuing up to get their hands on the last remaining Go Go Hamsters in time for Christmas.

And a similar rush is expected at the newly opened Hamleys toy store in Glasgow next week when the 250 toy rodents they are getting in go on sale.

The final delivery at Jenners before the festive season is planned for 9am, with a ticket system in place to try and bring some order to the scrum.

Just two dozen of the must-have toys are being made available to lucky customers, who are only allowed to buy one toy and one accessory each.

Similar scenes have been played out around the country in the past few days as shoppers scramble for the £9.99 surprise hit.

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Square stockings for soldiers

By Andrea McCallum

SCOTS troops fighting in Afghanistan are being sent some SCRUM-my treats to cheer up their Christmas in Helmand.

Gift-boxes dubbed ‘square stockings’ filled with all kinds of stuff needed to boost frontline morale for 600 soldiers from Edinburgh based 1-SCOTS and 3 RIFLES will shortly be winging their way to the frontline.

The MoD and charity uk4u Thanks! Use public donations and sponsorship to make sure the gifts are sent to all serving personnel and civilian workers based on operations abroad.

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Council tendering out services in big shake up

By Cara Sulieman

A COUNCIL is preparing to tender out a raft of its services to private firms – potentially putting thousands of jobs at risk.

Edinburgh City Council is contracting out services such as bin collection, street cleaning and school meals in the biggest shake up of its kind to date.

Over two thousand staff could be affected by the changes as the council desperately tries to save money.

With a £90m black hole over the next three years, the local authority is facing one of the worst financial crises in a century.

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Kids sent home from school for being drunk

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTS primary pupils are being sent home by teachers for being DRUNK in class.

Shock new figures show teeny tipplers have also been admitted to hospital for treatment after boozing.

As many as five kids were sent home from class in the last year in the Lothians because they were drunk, according to the damning figures published by the Scottish Government.

The figures also revealed that seven children aged 12 or under were admitted to hospitals in the area suffering from alcohol-related illness last year.

While that is a drop from eight the year before, with the highest being 12 in 2003, it is feared to be the first time kids have been found inebriated on school premises.

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Blood on the dancefloor as court worker is attacked

By Michael MacLeod

A SHERIFF Court staff night out turned sour when a jealous clubber smashed a glass over a woman’s head for kissing her boyfriend on the dancefloor.

Window-dresser Emma McCulloch, 20, saw red when her boyfriend kissed a woman twice her age.

She stormed across the dancefloor in Edinburgh’s trendy Shanghai nightclub and poured her drink over Lorraine Cairns’ head.

Before Miss Cairns had a chance to explain that she had only got a peck on the cheek, McCulloch walked away and threw the empty glass over her shoulder, shattering on the Sheriff Clerk office worker’s head.
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Inquiry date set for tragic cancer teen

Liz and Ken Norris outside the Health Practitioners hearing in October

By Cara Sulieman

A FATAL Accident Inquiry into the death of a teenage cancer sufferer blasted with 19 massive overdoses of radiation while being treated for a brain tumour will be held in the New Year.

Lisa Norris, 16, from Girvan, Ayrshire received 58 per cent more radiation than she should have, leaving her with burns to her neck, head and unable to continue the life-saving course.

The Procurator Fiscal has ruled that an inquiry into her death is scheduled to take place on March 8 2010 at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The news comes just two months after the man who oversaw her treatment, Dr Stuart McNee was allowed to keep working, despite being responsible for mistakes on Lisa’s treatment plan.

But despite all misconduct charges being proven against him, the Health Professions Council ruled he could continue working.

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