Artists launch “Bank of Reason”

The Bank of Reason outside the Bank of Scotland

By Cara Sulieman

THEY say money doesn’t grow on trees – now two artists want bankers to do something about it.

The so called Bank of Reason has opened its mobile branch with a series of walks around the country’s financial hub to explain the interaction between the environment and the economy.

Guided by the organisers dressed as trees, an economist and an ecologist plan to talk to people about the connection between the two areas as they tour the city centre.

The public have been invited to suggest ways the UK banking system can be changed to rid it off fat cats and replace it with a more sustainable future.

The two artists behind it – Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich – hope that they can gather ideas from the public about the future of banking.

Zoe said: “This is an ideas bank, a sound bank and a bank of global transformation.”

The dark green banner carried by the two artists has a picture of a sticky catchfly on it – a rare type of plant that was discovered clinging to the volcanic rock cliffs below Edinburgh Castle near its financial centre.

The next walk starts at 10am tomorrow (Sat) and will be followed by a series of talks on the subject at the Collective Gallery on Cockburn Street in Edinburgh.

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