Firefighters save thousands of books from flames

Fire at McDonald Road library

Fire at McDonald Road library

By Cara Sulieman

FIREFIGHTERS rushed to save thousands of books from flames after yobs started a fire in a library toilet.

Staff had to evacuate the McDonald Road library in Edinburgh after the blaze was discovered today (thurs) afternoon.

Toilet paper had been stuffed into a pipe duct in an out of order cubicle before being set alight.

And after two firemen in breathing apparatus managed to douse the flames, they still had to deal with the plumes of smoke that had clogged the library’s corridors.

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Google Maps sends mourners to crematorium eleven miles off target

Google blunder

Google Maps show Dunfermline Crematorium as being in Kirkcaldy

By Cara Sulieman

INTERNET giants Google have found themselves at a dead loss in Fife after mixing up a crematorium in Dunfermline with one located miles away in Kirkcaldy.

Grief stricken mourners heading there to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones could be left 11 miles off target by relying on directions from the popular online service.

Searches show the crematorium listed as Dunfermline – but located at the actual home of Kirkcaldy Crematorium which also finds itself listed as its online doppelganger.

Now funeral bosses warn the blunder could cause grief wracked families yet more distress in their darkest hour.

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Mother of Scots hero Tam Mason pays tribute to her son

Corporal Tam Mason

Corporal Tam Mason

By Cara Sulieman

THE mother of hero Scots soldier Tam Mason who died six weeks after being injured in Afghanistan has paid tribute to her son, saying he told her: “Don’t worry about me – I’ve got God on my side”.

Linda Buchanan described how her “wonderful son” used to tell her it would be an “honour” to die doing the job he loved.

The 27-year-old died six weeks after being injured in a blast in Kandahar despite attempts by specialist medics to save him.

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YouTube biker Danny MacAskill breaks his collarbone

Danny Macaskill - Stunt Cyclist 1smallBy Oliver Farrimond

DEATH-DEFYING YouTube biker Danny MacAskill faces an eight-week layoff after finally meeting his match – an Edinburgh kerbstone.

23-year-old Danny, whose incredible leaps and somersaults in Scotland’s capital saw him shoot to virtual fame in April this year, smashed his collar-bone after falling in the street.

He first damaged the bone in the United States, falling on it while biking in San Diego, California.

The injury healed, but on his return to Edinburgh he tripped on the pavement, causing more serious damage.

The Edinburgh resident, originally from the Isle of Skye, said: “I just fell on my side in California, but unfortunately I had a fall over here as well and broke it a lot more, and it had to be plated. Continue reading

Police announce new crackdown on the back of Operation Algebra

Lothian and Borders Police

By Cara Sulieman

SICKENED detectives last night warned Scotland’s secret paedophiles: We’re coming to get you.

Cops launched a new crackdown – codenamed Operation Alba – which will for the first time see specialist teams hunt out vile perverts rather than having to wait and react to child sex crimes that have already happened.

Police launched the operation today (Thurs) – the same day two ring-leaders of Scotland’s largest known paedophile ring were sentenced.

Neil Strachan and James Rennie both received life sentences at the High Court in Edinburgh.

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Newspaper round-up Thursday 29th October