Independent Scotland will need SAS to protect oil interests from terrorism

1014592_37f7d928By Rory Reynolds

AN independent Scotland would have to establish its own SAS to defend the nation’s oil and gas fields, according to former special forces chief.

Former deputy SAS commander Colonel Clive Fairweather – who handled the bloody Iranian embassy siege in 1980 – has said that the terrorist threat to an independent Scotland’s energy resources is not to be underestimated, adding that any arrangement with England would not work.

Colonel Fairweather – who is now a security and political strategist – has also claimed that Scotland will need at least two ‘hunter-killer’ submarines to patrol the Artic Circle’s trade route – which will become usable all-year round due to warmer water temperatures.

He said: “Defence is any government’s first priority towards its people, so the SNP would have to really think through what the likely threats are to the country and shape their forces accordingly.

“The number one priority would have to be the formation of a Scottish Special Airborne Service or Special Boat Service to protect our oil and gas fields from terrorism. Continue reading


MoJo’s secret drug tests revealed in Davie Hay autobiography

By Rory Reynolds

FORMER Celtic boss Davie Hay has revealed that the club carried out secret drugs tests on striker Mo Johnston after allegations were made against his behaviour off the pitch.

In his new autobiography Hay has told how he swore a handful of people to secrecy and arranged for Mo – known as MoJo – to have a drugs test without his knowledge.

The star striker was told he was to have a full medical test by doctors to assess his general health – while the club’s chiefs anxiously waited to see if any trace of drugs showed up in the player’s system.

Mo – who would later transfer to Rangers, becoming the Catholic to play for the Glasgow side – was often seen in nightclubs and bars, dated a string of models and owned sports cars.
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Taggart and Rebus go head-to-head for charity spoof

AN,-BD-&-CMBy Rory Reynolds

FICTIONAL crime heavyweights from top Scots dramas Rebus and Taggart are to go head-to-head for a charity spoof special.

Taggart’s DCI Matt Burke – played by Alex Norton, 59, – and his team will clash with DI John Rebus when they investigate a murder in a one-off BBC production for Children in Need next month.

The two uncompromising detectives – both known for their tyrannical outbursts at suspects – will come face-to-face when a body is discovered in Harthill, Lanarkshire – halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Ken Stott – who plays the Edinburgh detective, created by best-selling author Ian Rankin – will come up against Norton’s hard-nosed Glasgow CID murder squad.

Stott has previously appeared in Taggart, which is the world’s longest continually running police drama. Continue reading

Bailed-out bank “should put cash into eco-fight”

By Michael MacLeod

THE Royal Bank of Scotland should be forced to help save the world from global warming by backing “ethical” projects according to a top business academic.
The idea would see RBS ploughing cash into eco-friendly energy firms and promoting renewable power.

The banking giant – which is 73 per-cent owned by the Government – should be pressurised into the move according to the director of the Centre for Business and Climate Change at the Edinburgh Business School.

Dr Craig Mackenzie was speaking out in a report backed by Friends of the Earth.
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Mohamed al-Fayed’s plan to rule a Salmond-free Scotland

By Rory Reynolds

HARRODS boss Mohamed al-Fayed has urged Scots to ditch Alex Salmond and the Royal Family – and make him president of an independent Scotland.

salmond-1The Egyptian-born tycoon – who owns Balnagown Castle in Ross-shire – called on his “fellow Scots” to detach their nation from “the English and their terrible politicians”.

In a bizarre interview over the weekend the 80-year-old said that he would be honoured to be the elder statesman of a Scottish republic.

And he even pledged to banish the Royal Family from Scotland and turn Balmoral Castle into a public museum.

In a wide-ranging interview, he said: “You Scots have been living in a coma for too long, it is time for you to waken up and detach yourself from the English and their terrible politicians.
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