Council offices hit by flea infestation

The Town House in Kirkcaldy was closed early because of fleas

The Town House in Kirkcaldy was closed early because of fleas

By Cara Sulieman

A SCOTS council had to shut down one of its offices – after it was infected by FLEAS.

A worker for Fife Council had visited an abandoned council house that was teaming with the tiny insects earlier in the day.

And when they returned to their offices in Kirkcaldy they were convinced they had brought them back to the office with them.

Managers called in a pest control team fumigate the building, locking the doors on Friday afternoon.

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Couple’s wedding dreams shattered by bizarre bureaucratic red tape

By Rory Reynolds

A COUPLE’S dream wedding has been ruined after bizarre bureaucratic red tape prevented them tying the knot.

US citizen Batya Swenson, 39, was to due wed her partner David Forsyth, from Edinburgh, in a sparkling New Year ceremony.

But the UK consulate in Los Angeles refused to grant Batya a visa for just two weeks – in case she stayed and sponged off the state.

They labelled Batya a potential “risk” to the UK – because she may be a drain on social services – despite the fact that she owns one of San Francisco’s biggest legal firms.

David, 43, and Batya – who now live in California with their six-month-old daughter – were stunned whey they received a letter from the LA consulate stating that they doubted she was “genuinely” seeking entry as a visitor. Continue reading

Sheriff’s postal strike plan to text criminals: “C U in crt”

By Michael MacLeod

A SHERIFF told social workers to send text messages to cons during the “inevitable chaos” of the postal strike.
Text from court
Thousands of Scots postal staff walked out in support of a national strike today (Thurs) over Royal Mail’s modernisation plans.

The Scottish Court Service uses traditional mail to alert criminals to attend social work meetings or interviews for background reports.

But Edinburgh Sheriff Deirdre MacNeill QC said yesterday that texting would be a more reliable option during the strike.

Presiding over a case at the capital’s Sheriff Court yesterday, she bailed an accused woman and told her: “Considering the inevitable chaos of the postal situation it might be a good idea for you to tell the social work office your mobile number.

“Ask them to send you a text instead of posting you the date of your assessment.”
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