Lothian & Borders Police finally confirm Sudanese mum of two Randa Kamblawi was murdered

By Cara Sulieman, Shaun Milne & Rory Reynolds

A MUM of two found dead in the bathtub of her Edinburgh home was murdered, detectives said tonight.

Randa Kamblawi, 34, was found at her Nicolson Street flat on Tuesday morning sparking a wave of police activity.

SEARCH: police still looking for missing husband

SEARCH: police still looking for missing husband

Sources said she was found lying on her side, completely submerged in water, and officers were greeted by a scene described as “complete chaos”.

As revealed by Deadline yesterday, Lothian and Borders Police are looking for her husband Yahya Babiker.


The pair married in the town of Karima in northern Sudan in September 2002 and moved to the city shortly after.

The security guard, who is in his forties and originally from Sudan, has been missing since shortly before his wife’s lifeless body was discovered.

Locals said they understood he had dropped off the couple’s two young children, Mohammed aged five and Tagwa, three, with relatives in Edinburgh and has not been seen since.

Friends of the family in the Sudanese community in Edinburgh said they had also tried to reach Mr Babiker but were unable to get hold of him. Continue reading

Family of Iraq war dead demand face to face showdown with former Prime Minister Tony Blair

By Rory Reynolds

FAMILIES of servicemen and woman who lost their lives fighting in Iraq have demanded they be allowed to meet former Prime Minister Tony Blair “face-to-face” when he gives evidence to the Iraq Inquiry.

They were today allowed to meet members of the independent inquiry into the war which is touring the UK speaking to bereaved families, and put their case for an emotional showdown.

And all the relatives agreed that they want to be there when the former Prime Minister finally appears before the inquiry into the invasion of Iraq.Deadline Photo Sales - 0131 561 2233

Rose Gentle, who’s son Gordon was killed in Iraq, questioned the panel on its investigation at the Apex Hotel in Edinburgh.


She said: “When it does go to London and Tony Blair gets asked to give his statement, will the families be allowed in to hear what he says?”

When the Sir John Chilcot, chair of the inquiry said he couldn’t “guarantee a seat”, Rose replied: “We want to be face-to-face with him – get a bigger hall.”

Valerie O’Neill also blamed Tony Blair for the death of her son, Kris, who was killed after his un-armoured Land Rover drove over an IED. Continue reading

Police warn child sex beast could be on loose in Edinburgh

By Shaun Milne

A SEX beast described by a judge as being “an addictive paedophile” could be on the loose in Scotland.

Lothian and Borders Police issued an alert today (wed) that James Warke may have travelled to Edinburgh following intelligence passed onto them by detectives at  Greater Manchester.

Warke, 47, has a vile record spanning more than two decades of abusing young boys and vulnerable adults, including the abduction of a 12-year-old boy that finally saw him jailed.

WANTED: James Warke

WANTED: James Warke

He preyed on vulnerable men and impressionable children, particularly those who had fallen out with their parents.


Now it is feared he may have taken a bus or a train north to Edinburgh after failing to check in at Rochadale Police Station last Friday.

Police also want to interview him over an alleged sex attack on a 20-year-old man last Saturday.

Sources at Greater Manchester Police say they had been tipped off that Warke was in Edinburgh – but said they could not confirm the claim.

It was thought he may have been seen boarding a bus to the Scottish capital.

Lothian and Borders Police said they had received information that Warke had landed on their patch “in the last few days”. And they warned that members of the public should not approach him. Continue reading

Garage boss weeps for dying husband as she is jailed for stealing £20,000 from tills

By Michael MacLeod

A FORMER Shell garage boss who stole £20,000 from her tills then gambled it all away in a bid to pay off her debts was sentenced to 18-months in jail today (Wed).

Irene Pow, 45, from Newtongrange, Midlothian, wept in the dock as her defence agent told that jail meant she would no longer be able to care for her 49-year-old husband who is terminally ill.

JAILED: Irene Pow

JAILED: Irene Pow

But Sheriff Nigel Morrison said her crime was of such seriousness that he had to send her down.


The court heard how her scam began when one of the garages she was trusted to managed was closed for refurbishment.

She took advantage by fiddling the books and stealing three days-worth of takings – even though she was said to have gotten on so well with the garage’s franchise manager, Alistair Campbell, that he had already loaned her money to help her cancel debts.

But Mr Campbell noticed discrepancies in the balance sheets at the filling station in Newtongrange, Midlothian, and confronted Pow.

She confessed to taking the cash behind his back and was suspended from Shell immediately. Later she pleaded guilty to embezzlement at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. Continue reading

Funeral for Queen’s former Press Secretary Michael Shea is to take place next week

By Rory Reynolds

A SCOTS diplomat who was one of the Queen’s most trusted aides for almost a decade is to be laid to rest in Edinburgh next week.

Michael Shea died on Saturday aged 71 having served as the Queen’s press secretary from 1978 to 1987 and accompanied her to 65 countries during a tumultuous period for the Royal Family.

The career diplomat also served during the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana and became a well-known figure in the UK after speaking on behalf of the Royal couple.

SHEA: respected as an author, confidant and press aide

SHEA: respected as an author, confidant and press aide

The Queen herself was said to be “saddened” after hearing that Lanarkshire-born media professional turned author had died.


Shea first served in Bonn during the Cold War, after being “poached” by the Foreign Service.

He then met a Norwegian diplomat, who would become his wife, and would later draw on his experiences in Germany to pen his successful novel, Sonntag.  Throughout his career Shea wrote two dozen books, including many thriller novels in a time when spies were stalking the street of the German capital and back home the IRA were terrorising London and Belfast. Continue reading

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