Police investigate after woman is found dead in Edinburgh tenement horror – neighbours claim husband is missing


by Cara Sulieman, Paul Thornton and Shaun Milne

POLICE were tonight (tues) investigating the death of a woman after her body was discovered in “unexplained” circumstances at her Edinburgh home.

PROBE: detectives say death still "unexplained"

PROBE: detectives say death still "unexplained"

The woman was thought to have been found in a bath at an address in Nicolson Street on the south side of the city.

It was believed she lived at the address with her husband and two children.


Locals said the woman was called Randa, aged in her late 20s, from Edinburgh’s community of Sudanese.

Lothian and Borders Police last night refused to confirm her identity.

But one man said: “All I know is she is dead.”

Another Sudanese man added: “Yes, Randa is the woman they found.”

Lothian and Borders Police  did not volunteer any statement regarding the incident during the day but confirmed later when asked that the death was “unexplained”.

Forensic teams dressed in white paper coveralls attended the scene at around 1pm. Continue reading


Hearts and Hibs pair team up for Blood Donor campaign push

By Rory Reynolds

TWO of the Scotland’s top football clubs have teamed up to boost the number of people giving blood over the October half-term break.

Hibs captain Chris Hogg and Hearts centre-back Marius Zaliukas appeared at the Edinburgh Blood Donor Centre to draw awareness to the 20 per cent drop in bloodstocks that the NHS suffers over the holiday period.

The footballers urged fans to give blood, and highlighted that they could save a lives with a simple gesture.To hire our photographers for your PR event - call 0131 561 2233

Hibs captain Chris Hogg said that every donor could make a difference to someone’s life.


He said: “It’s important that all football fans come forward and help the Service at this time and I would add my encouragement to them to come along and give blood.

“We just want to try and help highlight the need for new donors today and if we can do that, maybe it will help save or improve someone’s life.” Continue reading

Baby hedgehogs get five star reception at top Scots hotel

By Rory Reynolds

GUESTS at one of Scotland’s plushest hotels got a big surprise when a small hedgehog wandered into reception – and gave birth to triplets.

Staff at the five-star Prestonfield Hotel in Edinburgh were baffled when the spiky creature settled down on their cosy carpet.

And they were even more surprised with three tiny triplets emerged from their mum, who afterwards had a sleep behind a basket of logs kept for the open fires.Got an animal story? call us on 0131 561 2233

The hedgehog had to dodge the advances of the hotel’s famous garden peacocks but made it safely to the front door to deliver her new babies.


Officers from the SSPCA rushed to the hotel in the south of Edinburgh to care for the newborn hedgehogs, before taking the little family with them to settle into their new home.

The hoglets are now seven weeks old, and happily living with their mum at the SSPCA. Centre Manager Colin Seddon said: “This was a very unusual place for the hedgehog to choose to have her babies. Continue reading

Chinese restaurant could be for chop after £11,000 water bill

By Rory Reynolds

A FAMILY run Chinese restaurant has been landed in hot water after getting a bill for a staggering £11,000.

Karen Wong’s Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh has been charged the huge fee for just three months last year – despite the fact that their next highest bill was just £575.To contact our picture desk - call 0131 561 2237

And the family – who fear they may have to close the business – say that the monster bill for was the quietest time of the year.


Mr Wong, 50, – who runs the business with husband Wah Keung and daughter Hoiying – says that she was stunned when she found out they owed the crippling figure.

She said: “I got a big shock when I opened the letter – I nearly passed out.

“This is a small restaurant so how could we have used that much water?It is impossible, it doesn’t make any sense.” Continue reading

Deer facts in headlights as campaign issues road accident red alert

by Shaun Milne

SCOTS drivers are involved in a startling 10,000 accidents a year – with deer.

The problem is so bad the Deer Commission for Scotland has just issued a red alert ahead of the clocks going back next week.

They say this is the most dangerous time for motorists and deer –and have even published a list of black spots to watch out for.To hire our photographers - call 0131 561 2233

Special electronic signs have been erected alongside roads including the A82 Glasgow – Inverness route, A9 taking in Inverness and Perth, the A835 Inverness to Ullapool road and A87 starting at Invergarry.

The fortnight long campaign will carry the message: “High risk of deer on the road” after at least three people were killed in deer related accidents in the previous 12 months. Continue reading

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s triple Michelin star career is finally toast

By Shaun Milne

HE IS the potty mouthed award winning Scots chef who has earned a galaxy of coveted Michelin Stars for his fine dining restaurants across the UK – but it seems that Gordon Ramsay’s success laden career is finally toast.

A dinner place at the Chef’s Table at his Maze restaurant in London’s Grosvenor Square may cost £125 per head or £150 at the famed Claridges restaurant.

But his latest contribution to the world of gastronomic excellence is a humble toaster costing £60 for a two sliced model or a crisp £85 to upgrade to the four-sliced option.Hire our photographers for your PR event - 0131 561 2230

In a slick marketing puff a million miles away from the expletive laden TV shows he has become famous for, customers are told: “Cooking has always been Gordon Ramsay’s passion – and his no-nonsense approach in the kitchen is legendary”.


“This award winning chef knows just what it takes to get those kitchen tasks done quickly and easily.

“Using high quality kitchen appliances is a must – and now you can confidently step up to the plate with the exciting Gordon Ramsay Professional range of kitchen appliances, designed to give you and your kitchen that all-important cutting edge.”

Quite how his former mentors Marco Pierre White, Albert Roux, Guy Savoy or Joel Robuchon would have reacted to having a Ramsay toaster in their world famous kitchens is anyone’s guess. Continue reading

Ryanair urges Holyrood to help fund jobs boost for Scotland

By Cara Sulieman

BUDGET airline Ryanair today (tues) promised to deliver a jobs bonanza to Scotland and boost tourism – but only if Holyrood stumps up the cash to get their plans off the ground.

Deputy Chief Executive Michael Cawley claims the no frills giants could create some 1500 new jobs and deliver an extra 1.5 million tourists for the struggling Scots economy.Deadline Photo Sales - 0131 561 2233

But he warned they would only press ahead if the Scottish Government committed to helping financially.


He said: “We have close ties with Scotland and want to expand close to home but it’s not that we’re without alternatives. We’re not a charity and if it isn’t economically viable for us to expand then we won’t.”

Ahead of a meeting with the Scottish finance minister John Swinney, he said it was vital the Government cede to reintroducing the Route Development Fund before the company would commit itself. Continue reading