You’ve not got mail: Holyrood internet server crashes

3890577011_5eda671857By Rory Reynolds

A BUNGLING workman wiped out email and internet connection across the entire Scottish Parliament network – after slicing through a cable while digging a hole in the MIDLANDS.

IT experts were battling to restore internet connection and email for MSPs, officials and research teams in Edinburgh and every linked constituency office across Scotland.

Technical teams were desperately trying to find ways to restore links with the outside world after a utilities company cut through an internet cable 250 miles away in a village near Birmingham.

Officials said that email accounts were experiencing “severe delays” while MSPs and aides couldn’t use Google or even access the Scottish Parliament’s own homepage.

Constituency offices across Scotland were also crippled by the technical fault which pole-axed suppliers Cable & Wireless. Continue reading


Right-wing group to stage anti-Islam protest in Glasgow

By Cara Sulieman

A RIGHT-WING anti-Muslim group responsible for violent protests in England plan on bringing their hate filled campaign to the streets of Scotland next month.

The English Defence League, which was started by football casuals in Luton, has now spawned its own Scottish branch who plan on making their debut with a protest in Glasgow.

It is feared the Scottish Defence League could be joined by members travelling up by bus or train to help swell their numbers on November 14.

Plans of a rival protest march against racism in Glasgow on the same day have also emerged.

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Prison faces double probe after riot

touch screen kioskBy Rory Reynolds

PRISON bosses are facing a double probe into a riot that left a jail guard in hospital.

Chiefs at HMP Addiewell in West Lothian are piecing together just what sparked trouble there on Sunday.

But they now face a police probe into assault claims at the high security prison.

And a second internal inquiry which must be presented to Scottish Prison Service bosses.

More than 20 lags rioted at the high security prison for six hours before on-site officers took control of the situation. Continue reading

Royal Navy blow up WWII mine off Scottish coast

By Rory Reynolds

ROYAL Navy bomb experts have blown up a live Second World War mine after it was caught up in the nets of a fishing boat on Sunday night.

Fishing trawler The Reward dragged the explosive device towards Port Seton in East Lothian, after it was snared in the boat’s nets six miles off shore in the Firth of Forth.

The crew left the object sitting around seven meters underwater after alerting Forth Coastguard of the situation.

Divers from Faslane Naval base on the Clyde swam down and attached an explosive device to the mine.

They then move clear to a safe distance before detonating the bulky device causing an underwater explosion in the Forth. Continue reading

Gately’s distraught brother joins grieving family in Dublin

By Rory Reynolds

THE brother of tragic Boyzone star Stephen Gately has flown from his home in Scotland to Ireland to be with his grieving family.

Tony Gately was too upset to talk about the death of his brother in Majorca on Saturday after spending the weekend at his large semi detached home in Dalkeith, Midlothian, with wife Claire and their two young sons.

Speaking shortly before setting off, distraught Claire said: “I’m sorry, he doesn’t want to talk about it just now.”

The body of 33-year-old Stephen – who found fame after Boyzone in London’s West End – was discovered on a sofa in his home in Majorca after partying with partner Andrew Cowles and another friend.

It is thought that he choked to death in his sleep after drinking on a night out. Continue reading

RBS to show private art collection to public


By Cara Sulieman

THE ROYAL Bank of Scotland is planning to show off its private art collection after bowing to public pressure.

The collection, thought to be worth millions of pounds, was formed when RBS merged with NatWest in 2000.

But since then, the financial giant has only allowed work to be shown in two exhibitions, the last one being in 2003.

It has now been revealed that they are in discussions with the National Galleries of Scotland to show some of the work in the future.

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