Baby’s brain haemorrhage went ignored for a week

By Michael MacLeod

A TEN-week-old baby boy was forced to suffer for over a week with a brain haemorrhage after a man fell on stairs while holding him.
Robin Hay leaving court
Robin Hay, 33, was meant to be looking after the tot – who cannot be named – at an address in Edinburgh last year.

Worried relatives noticed veins were bulging from the baby’s head, but Hay shrugged off their concerns and failed to explain the youngster’s head injury.

A health visitor making a routine check was not told about the tumble either.

A second medical visitor flagged up the injuries a week later and told Hay to take the baby to the capital’s Royal Hospital for Sick Kids “immediately.”

Instead, Hay first went back to his own home before taking the injured baby to hospital.
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Pals to wear golf clothes to tragic pro’s funeral

By Rory Reynolds

THE friends of a promising young golf pro who tragically died in a road accident are to pay their respects at their pal’s funeral – by dressing in golf clothes.

Friends of Stuart Hutchison – who died after a collision on the A7 last Wednesday – are preparing to give him a send off on his “last round” in honour of the 22-year-old’s love of golf.

His family asked that no one attending his funeral at Mortonhall Crematorium in Edinburgh on Friday wear black, instead encouraging people to come “dressed for the final round” with Stuart.

His mum Isobel, 50, said: “Stuart was always in golf clothes – we wanted people to come dressed for gold because it’s Stuart’s final round of golf.”

She and her cabbie husband David, 51, said they were touched by Stuart’s friends’ plans, as well as the support they’d got from them. Continue reading

Victorian ouija board found in college’s secret passageway

ouijaBy Rory Reynolds

A OUIJA board thought to have been used by the creator of Sherlock Holmes has been found in a secret compartment at a school of paranormal studies.

Staff at the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology found the occult Victorian device hidden in small cupboard built into a kitchen wall, 20 feet out of reach.

The spooky find – used to spell out messages during a Séance – is thought to have been used by mystery writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The device was found with its original packaging, and was labelled as a “Telepathic Spirit Communicator.”

Edinburgh-born Doyle immersed himself in the practice of spiritualism in 1906, after his wife Louisa and son Kingsley died.Doyle found solace in the practice, which believes that contact can be made with people beyond the grave. Continue reading

City’s golf courses could become cabbage patches

203010_0f2f490dBy Rory Reynolds

GOLF courses could be turned into allotments because of a fall in the number of people playing the game.

Residents of Edinburgh could soon be planting a cabbage patch in the 9th hole as councillors are to consider whether to plough over several of the cities six public greens and give the land to budding gardeners.

The council and the city owned Edinburgh Leisure firm are to launch a strategy to determine how best to use the publicly owned golf courses, which cover a large proportion of the city.

It is thought that the drive by privately owned courses to attract new members by cutting membership fees has reduced the demand for public courses.

Yet more than 2,100 people in Edinburgh are on the waiting list for just 1,230 gardening plots, which have seen a surge in popularity during the recession. Continue reading