Hunt for couples to test sex jab for men

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTS sex boffins want randy couples to try out a new contraceptive jab for men.

Injection SyringeA team of scientists from Edinburgh University reckon they’ve found an injection more pregnancy-proof than condoms.

Made up of a new combination of hormones, the jab would need to be taken just six months a year – if trials are successful.

It is designed to stop the production of sperm completely and could potentially replace the condom.

Now 20 Scottish couples are now being urged to come forward to help in an international year-long trial.

It is hoped the bi-monthly jab will build on recent studies involving a weekly injection.

Professor Richard Anderson, from Edinburgh University’s reproductive and developmental sciences division, said the weekly trial proved contraceptive injecting works.

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Interview: Sir Malcolm Rifkind

By Rory Reynolds

TORY grandee Sir Malcolm Rifkind believes this week’s conference marked the last rites of the Labour Government and Gordon Brown – neither with a single rabbit left to pull out of the hat.

And that was even before The Sun dropped its bombshell of switching its support to David Cameron, while hedging its bets in its Scottish edition.

At the end of a turbulent week which had the Conservatives “measuring the curtains at No.10”, the long-serving Tory minister even sensed arch-survivor Peter Mandelson was preparing for the wilderness years after next spring’s General Election.

In a wide-ranging interview, the former Scottish Secretary said: “All the reports indicated, for understandable reasons, that the Labour party arrived at that conference very depressed, very low, talking about not if they would be defeated, but by how much they would be defeated.

“The very fact that they had to take comfort in a speech by Peter Mandelson sums it up.

“Mandelson is an extraordinary political figure – even Lazarus rose from the dead once, he’s done it twice.

“One can recognise a highly skillful political figure – but he’s shrewd and he knows perfectly well Labour is going to be defeated. Continue reading

Edinburgh bridge job in a Glasgow office

By Michael MacLeod

THE project director for a £2.3 billion bridge in Edinburgh will be based 50 miles away in Glasgow.
Forth Crossing Director advert (Medium)
A job advert for the £110,000 post has come under criticism for stating that the new Forth road bridge boss will be based in the West of Scotland.

Edinburgh MSPs slammed the Scottish Government, saying the new bridge chief should be based on-site.

But Transport Scotland said the director will “eventually” end up in the East coast.

The job of heading up the massive project is described as an “opportunity of unprecedented scale.”

The director must deliver a 2.7km bridge in time for opening in 2016 under “high levels of public scrutiny” and “intense media pressure,” according to the advert.
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Luxury nursery fails after boss takes “inappropriate” salary

1301300_1bddd968By Rory Reynolds

A LUXURY nursery business has failed after its boss paid herself an “inappropriate” salary, according to liquidators assessing the firm.

Prime Time Nurseries in Edinburgh – run by former fund manager Monica Langa – was put into liquidation by HM Revenue & Customs after owing hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax and bank loans.

Nursery boss Langa has denied claims she took too large a salary and blamed her bank for her financial problems.

The business, which is still open and seeking a new owner, had recently unveiled ambitious plans for a “super nursery” to house 120 children at the Maxim business park off the M8 in Lanarkshire, despite crippling debts.

The £228 per week nursery houses the children of the wealthiest lawyers and executives in Edinburgh, and is based in a Grade A-listed Georgian townhouse on Queen Street, overlooking the city’s prosperous New Town. Continue reading

Late SAAS bursary misery for Scots students

By Michael MacLeod

ANGRY Scots students have hit out after it emerged nearly 20,000 still haven’t got their bursaries – one month into the term.
Delays in processing a record number of applications mean the vital cash lifeline needed for rent, food and books is long overdue.

The Student Awards Agency of Scotland (SAAS) also blamed the postal strike for the delay.

But it has left some students worrying about cash just weeks after starting university.

One nursing university student from Edinburgh said: “I applied for mine two months ago because I wasn’t sure if I was getting in or not.
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Salmond snubs Cameron’s early talks plan

05alexsalmondnationalconversationBy Rory Reynolds

ALEX Salmond has snubbed an offer from David Cameron to discuss devolution under a Tory government.

The Conservative leader had wished to hold early talks to discuss how relations could be improved between the Scottish Government and Westminster – but the offer was rejected by the SNP leader.

A spokesman for the nationalist first minister slammed Cameron for taking next year’s election for granted, saying, “David Cameron is strutting around like he is already the Prime Minister.”

“We will meet with and work with whoever is prime minister in the best interests of Scotland -but let’s see what happens.”

The spokesman went on to say, “the priority is electing a big block of SNP MPs to make Westminster dance to a Scottish jig.” Continue reading

Woman reported following council fraud probe

By Michael MacLeod

POLICE have reported a woman for allegedly stealing money from a Scottish council’s social work department.

Grampian cops said they investigated frauds and thefts within Aberdeenshire Council’s social work department at Peterhead, between 2006 and 2008.

aberdeenshire council buildingThe 46 year-old’s case is now in the hands of the Procurator Fiscal.

In February the council announced it had sacked a member of the social work department.

They said they were assisting a police investigation into an alleged fraud.

A police spokesperson said: “Grampian Police confirm that a 46 year-old female has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal at Peterhead with regard to investigations into a series of Frauds and Thefts within Aberdeenshire Social Work Department at Peterhead occurring between 2006 and 2008.”

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