Missing Cornwall Collie shows up 500 miles from home

Lucy the DogBy Michael MacLeod

AN elderly dog from Cornwall which was presumed dead after four months missing has shown up over 500 miles from home in Edinburgh.

Lucy, a 17 year-old Collie, was thought to be a stray local dog when she wandered into a garden in Haddington on Saturday morning.

But thanks to a microchip under her fur, staff at a dog kennel in the Scottish capital were able to arrange what turned out to be a tearful reunion for Lucy and her beloved owners Sonya and Billy McKerran yesterday (Tuesday).

Billy, a pub singer who celebrated his 59th birthday yesterday, said: “This is the most terrific birthday present I’ve ever had.”
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Lucky Lucy finds family treasure in 10 tonnes of rubbish

Bin RingBy Michael MacLeod

BINMEN found a precious ring with four generations of family history in a 10 tonne mountain of rubbish.

Lucy Morgan, 23, feared she had literally dumped decades of heritage when she accidentally dropped a precious ring into a giant bin.

Binmen told Lucy she had a “one in a million” chance of finding it again, insisting they usually only agree to search rubbish at the request of police investigating a crime.

But when Lucy told them how important the heirloom was to her whole family, they helped her search through ten tonnes of rubbish.

Amazingly, after sifting through the giant mound of filth, one of the binmen spotted the gleaming ring and plucked it from the dirt.
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Lying mum pockets £22k in tax credits

By Lauren Crooks

A MOTHER pretended her three children were severely disabled – so she could claim more than £20,000 in benefits.

Sick Anne Marie Cockburn, 28, told tax credit bosses that she, her partner and her three kids were all affected by disabilities so she could get her hands on extra cash.Anne Marie Cockburn

Cockburn even pretended to be her partner William McLeod during a telephone call to the government helpline to make amendments to his claims.

She was only caught out when she changed employment and child care details on a friend’s bank account and officials at the criminal investigations team grew suspicious.

Her money-making ploy came just two months after she was released from prison – for fraud.

Yesterday at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Cockburn pleaded guilty to offences under the Tax Credits Act 2002, in which she pocketed £22,373.74 over a 11-month period.

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Scots college to train the bankers of the future

By Oliver Farrimond

A TOP Scots university has unveiled a new Masters degree course – aimed at ensuring the nation’s banks are properly managed in future.

Edinburgh Napier University will admit students to the first ever Masters in Professional Banking course in September of this year, hoping to recession-proof Scottish banks with an influx of highly-qualified graduates.

News of the new course comes just a day after it was revealed current RBS chief executive Stephen Hester will receive a massive £9.6million pay day if he can turn round the struggling institution which had to be bailed out by taxpayers.

According to the university, students graduating from the programme will “demonstrate the highest ethical, technical and professional standards” – something the university says has been missing from financial decision-makers in Scotland.

Stewart Falconer, head of the school of accounting, economics and statistics at Edinburgh Napier University, said: “The lack of perceived expertise at a high level within the banking industry has been highlighted at many levels, including by national governments. Continue reading

Scots are generous souls

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTS are among the best in the UK at donating time and money to charity.

Around half of all Scots surveyed said they like to help.

London ranked a measly 35 per cent but almost three quarters of Northern Irish say they donate regularly.

The poll, carried out by new charity website Leap Anywhere, also found those north of the border splashed out more when they did give a financial donation.

At £20 a pop, they were only beaten by the monied Londoners who handed over £25 each time.

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Mother of dog-bite victim welcomes new bill

Barbara, Jamie, Andrew, Matthew and Craig Osborne

Barbara, Jamie, Andrew, Matthew and Craig Osborne

By Alexander Lawrie

THE mum of a toddler who had his face ripped open by a neighbour’s pet yesterday welcomed a new Bill lodged at the Scottish Parliament demanding improvements to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Barbara Osborne heard her son’s screams as he was savagely attacked by a dog outside their home in Dalkeith last month.

Five year old Andrew is still recovering and has been left with horrific scars on his face.

And yesterday mum Barbara welcomed the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill being presented to the Scottish Parliament.

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