Edinburgh Oasis gig marred by brutal assault

By Oliver Farrimond

A MUSIC-LOVER’S dream turned into a nightmare at Murrayfield stadium yesterday as a gang of thugs viciously beat a man during the build-up to an Oasis concert.

Shocked music fans watched in horror at the historic gig as a fight between two men escalated into a full-blown beating.

Overcome by three further attackers, the man, said to be in his mid-thirties, was punched and kicked in the head after falling to the floor.

He was left bloodied and unconscious by the attack which happened on the western part of the pitch just before 8pm during a performance from indie rockers Kasabian.

Eyewitness Jennifer Patterson, from Edinburgh, said that security staff simply watched as the fight escalated.

She said: “He was unconscious and bleeding on the ground for ten minutes and security just stood and did nothing.

“I’ve no idea how it started, there were pint glasses being thrown in the air then all of a sudden two men started going at it.

“Before I knew there were four or five guys beating him while he was on the floor.

“The main culprit who was putting the boot in just walked away – it’s a disgrace.”

Other eyewitnesses said that the man was taken away by ambulance crews for treatment after lying on the ground for several minutes following the assault.

St Andrew’s Ambulance service, who were providing first-aid support for the gig, were not available for comment.


  1. Was at the concert and it was a disgrace very much lack of security and people being allowed to drink too much drink.

    People were standing in the stands drinking bottles of buckfast and stewards did nothing.

    Girl beside us was having a domestic with her partner one thing led to another and she fell down the stairs and banged her head on the back of the step and was knocked out. Steward’s just laughed about it at the bottom and did nothing until people were shouting at them. This then led to a fight with drunken people at the back and the girl”s partner. Lack of security was a disgrace i left at 8pm. Last time i’ll go to a concert at murrayfield.

    • I think you are confused…its not the venue thats the problem…Hampden was the exact same in 2005…unfortunately this bands fans are the lowest of the low…actually the band themselves are the lowest of the low in my opinion.

      Hampden was a total pit the last time…hardly anyone enjoyed the gig…just fallin about wasted and being aggressive and intimidating to those just wanting to get on with enjoying the gig.

      Im afraid oasis have long outstayed their welcome…i havent heard a positive review of one of their gigs since the 90s.

  2. Was at the gig tonight and this attack was absolutely shocking due to the absolute lack of stewarding or security intervention. The fight escalated and escalated and lasted around four or five minutes. Eventually a female steward tried to intervene, but it seemed as one man was subdued or left the fight another arrived to put the boot into a guy who had already been beaten badly. The shock from the west stand was audible when the guy was eventually knocked unconscious and then still repeatedly kicked and punched in the head. Two men eventually pulled the attacker off and allowed medical treatment.

    Right before Oasis came on a female needed medical treatment next to us as well, another full blown fight broke out in the seating area in the west stand and people all around us were calling for security to get involved. Again – no one did.

  3. The security and stewards were useless at the gig. There were loads of people around us drinking Buckfast from the bottle, smoking weed, snorting cocaine, popping pills and throwing pints of beer every 2 mins all openly. I only saw one steward wade into the crowd and lift one girl for taking drugs and escort her out. The rest were simply middle aged women and fat men who just sat near edge of stage and enterance stands just watching the bands.

    Myself and my girlffriend decided to move from pitch into the West stand which was not as crowded as the pitch and east stand. We had only sat in the seats for about 10 mins when the whole stand stood up and watched in horror as two guys were beating up one guy. Then another two guys jumped in, so it was 4 vs 1, the guy got a severe beating, kicked in the head when he was down even when he was knocked out. All this was watched by two female stewards who stood simply doing nothing. Eventually a random guy waded in threw some punches at the attackers and the whole stand cheered as one was dropped and came back up with a bloody nose. However the attackers simply walked away, with no-one stopping them, even with hundreds of people shouting at the stewards and showing them who the atatckers where.

  4. I was at the concert and the fight broke out in front of our seating area – it was a disgrace that the security/stewards are standing all around the stadium and actually just stood and watched until it was too late.

    Dont see the point in having all this security if they do not intervene into any trouble – a guy has been badly beaten up which was very traumatic to watch on and see. I never seen it start but the aftermath was bad enough.

    At the end of the day I thought the safety of the public would of been one of the main priorities especally at a gig with over 70,000 people.

  5. Dont think ive ever seen a concert at murryfield that didnt have some drunken fights going on esp oasis – you get those wee zupped up gadies bounding about like liam gallacher after a bottle of white lightning or some other rocket science for the brain, guess whats going to happen !!

    Health and safery rules prob provent those stewards intervening anyway. Dont think £6h covers that, if they understodd words like help, call the police please… ive been stabbed…

  6. […] Moves have been made recently to ban major rock concerts from the stadium after last month’s Oasis gig descended into violence. […]

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