Hero soldier gets Mention in Despatches

Mentioned In Dispatches

A HEROIC soldier has been commended for his bravery and courage while serving in Afghanistan.

Corporal Dean McMenamin, 22, was serving in the Royal Highland Fusiliers 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland when they were ambushed by Taliban soldiers.

But despite being showered with bullets and mortar from the enemy – some just 10 metres from him – the brave soldier leapt from the armourer vehicle to launch a missile and allowing the team to withdraw safely.

And yesterday his efforts were honoured by Major General Euan Loudon, the Battalion’s Representative Colonel.

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Paramedic refused to attend two 999 call-out emergencies


A SCOTS paramedic refused to answer two 999 calls in the same evening resulting in delays in treatment to two vulnerable pensioners.

William Munro, from Glasgow, was working in the city’s Southside area on April 24 in 2006 when he is alleged to have refused to answer the 999 emergencies.

PARAMEDIC: William Munro

PARAMEDIC: William Munro

The first patient was an 82 year old woman who was experiencing breathing difficulty.

The second emergency he refused to attend involved a 70 year old man with chest pains.


Mr Munro, who was working alone that evening, blames Post Traumatic Stress for his behaviour after having a knife pulled on him twice in the preceding six months.

He appeared in person in front of a three man conduct and competence committee of the Health Professions Council in Edinburgh.

The panel heard evidence from two Scottish Ambulance Service despatch operators who were on duty that evening. The hearing also heard the two radio calls made from the operators to Mr Munro in which he refused to attend both emergencies. Continue reading

Ducks on the run in city centre

Urban ducklings

By Cara Sulieman

A FAMILY of ducks caused chaos in the centre of a Scots city as they tried to cross a busy main road.

The mum and her four offspring were waddling up from Princes Street towards George Street when eagle-eyed tram workers spotted them.

Worried that they would be killed by the busy traffic up ahead, workers tried to pen them in as they called the Scottish SPCA.

Daryl Young, 22, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, was one of the workers that come to their aid last Friday.

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Schoolchildren design new fruit salad for M&S

Fiona Hyslop samples the new fruit salad

Fiona Hyslop samples the new fruit salad

By Cara Sulieman

IT’S not just a salad…it’s a salad designed by a group of schoolchildren from Bo’ness that will be hitting the shelves of Marks and Spencers across the country.

Four pupils from Bo’ness Academy put their chefs hats on and came up with the winning taste sensation – the Fruity Fiesta salad.

The healthy treat was cooked up during a school project working with Caledonian Produce, one of Marks and Spencer’s main suppliers.

The biggest employer in the Bo’ness area, the school has worked with them in the past on smaller projects.

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Martin Barclay Murder: Girlfriend and three others in court

By Paul Thornton

THE girlfriend of a dad who was killed on his own doorstep is among four people who have appeared in court in connection with his murder.

Her brother has been charge with carrying out the killing itself.

Martyn Barclay died after being shot in the head at near his home in Hazelwood Grove in Edinburgh on January 17 this year.

The 31-year-old died the following day in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and a murder investigation was launched. Continue reading

Family’s birthday tears for hit and run victim Paul Bonnar


BIRTHDAY balloons were today tied to the spot where a tragic dad was killed in a horror hit and run accident – the very day he would have turned 31.

Instead of celebrating with him, the shattered family of gas worker Paul Bonnar were left consumed by grief, mourning their beloved son, brother, father and husband.

His birthday presents, already bought and lovingly wrapped in preparation for his big day, left unopened.Paul Bonnar Tribute

If that tiny reminder of their loss wasn’t cruel enough, tomorrow (tues) would have been the day he and his beloved wife Lorna would have celebrated their wedding anniversary together.


Now she has been left to try and find the courage and words to explain to their 12-year-old daughter how and why he was taken from them so suddenly on Sunday morning.

But with no answers and no-one as yet held accountable for his death, all she and their grief stricken family could do was appeal for help in tracking down the cowards who fled the scene, leaving devastation in their wake. Continue reading

Horse treadmill saves the day

Peter Scott and Sharon Anderson in the new treadmill

Peter Scott and Sharon Anderson in the new treadmill

By Cara Sulieman

HORSES at an agricultural college caused a rift after they ruined prime farmland – so staff bought them a treadmill.

The 25 horses at Oatridge college were let loose on the estate and stampeded over the pasture land, much to the fury of the farming department.

Peter Scott, head of agriculture and farming at the college, was furious to see what they had done to his grass – and went to war with the equine department.

But now bosses at the college have purchased the treadmill in the hope that the two factions can get along better once it’s installed.

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Cancer-beating pooch inspects new clinic

Scrooble the border collie

By Cara Sulieman

A NEW vet clinic has been given a thorough inspection by a canine expert – a cancer-beating border collie.

Six months after defying the odds and recovering from cancerous lymphoma, Scrooble competed in Crufts.

And yesterday he was back at the clinic to check out the facilities at the University of Edinburgh’s new cancer centre.

The seven-year-old pooch is back to his energetic self after undergoing a gruelling eight months of chemotherapy for his cancer.

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