Hero dad of two stabbed while rescuing friend



A HEROIC dad of two has been brutally stabbed to death – after going to the aid of a friend who was suffering a beating.

Sean Stark, 25, from Lochgelly, Fife, was found dying in the street outside his home around 2am on Sunday morning.

Locals have described Mr Stark as a “loving father” and a “devoted partner”.

Mr Stark is believed to have two young daughters, aged three and one-years-old, and it is thought that he and his partner Melanie Gray were trying for a third. Continue reading

Women prisoners to be given ‘life-coaching’

By Oliver Farrimond

JAILBIRDS in Scotland’s prisons are to be given life-coaching lessons under a new NHS scheme.

Women prisoners will be offered the chance to learn “household management skills” and be given sexual health tips in a project to be piloted by NHS Lothian.

The scheme, codenamed “Willow”, will attempt to equip female prisoners with the life skills to keep out of trouble and expand their interests.

Under-fire Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill attended the launch of the scheme, and said that schemes such as this were necessary to address the causes of crime.

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Doctor Who beauty Karen Gillan tipped for greatness

By Oliver Farrimond

FRIENDS, family and former teachers of stunning Doctor Who starlet Karen Gillan have backed the 21-year-old former model for greatness.

The role – widely thought of as one of the biggest in television – sees the svelte beauty acting as sidekick to new Doctor Matt Smith.

Father John Gillan said he was delighted for the flame-haired starlet to follow in the footsteps of Billie Piper and comedienne Catherine Tate.

He said: “She has worked very hard for this – she has always been enthusiastic for her career and we’re so happy for her. Continue reading

DVDs muscle their way into modern medicine

By Rory Reynolds

Hospital patients will be invited to watch their favourite flicks while the under knife, rather than be zonked out by powerful anesthetics.

Patients can tune into classics such as “Blade Runner: Final Cut” or “Doctor Dolittle” rather than being put to sleep during surgery.

The scheme was devised by medical guru Dr. Nick Pace who came up with the idea after seeing many patients who were too unwell to undergo a general anaesthetic.

He said: “Some patients with lung problems can be at more risk from a general anaesthetic, so we decided to give them a regional one – like an epidural – which cuts off sensation to particular areas”.

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Tatties industry tempting for skint students

By Rory Reynolds

CASH-STRAPPED students are being offered thousands of pounds to work on farms this summer amid fears that a manpower shortage could threaten Scotland’s massive tattie industry.

Tattie pickers – or potato-roguers – are being offered up to £3,500 to work from June to August to roam Scotland’s 27,000 acres of potato crops looking for diseased plants and dodgy potatoes.

The roguers must first pass an eight day course at the Scottish Agricultural College in Aberdeen to ensure that they are up to the job.

But course organiser Ken Rundle reckons that the tempting tatties are the perfect answer to the credit crunch.

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Lion attack Lisa’s friend killed by Tiger

Lisa_injuriesBy Rory Reynolds

A SCOTS teenager who was mauled by a lion has spoken of her shock after her friend was killed by a tiger – at the same animal park.

Lisa Baxter, 19, was scarred for life after a lion savaged her hands at Zion Wildlife Gardens in New Zealand, where a rare white tiger has now claimed the life of one of her former colleagues at the park.

Lisa spoke of her shock after she found out Dalu Mncube, from South Africa, had been killed.

She said: “You know it’s a dangerous job but you don’t expect something like this.

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Dougray Scott – Drinking and fighting prepared me for Hollywood

Dougray ScottBy Rory Reynolds

Hollywood heartthrob Dougray Scott has revealed that his tough council estate upbringing in Fife prepared him for his blockbuster career.

The Desperate Housewives star said he began getting into fights and drinking heavily at just 15, before getting into acting school.

Scott, 43, said: “Fights were a daily occurrence but I thought nothing of it at the time.

“Some people around where I grew up got into drugs – I liked a drink and a fight like everyone else, but after a while I realised I had to get the hell out.

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T in the Park’s £2,500 ticket

By Rory Reynolds

REVELLERS at this year’s T in the Park festival can look forward to spending a luxury weekend with private toilets, bedrooms and fine dining – at a cost of £2,500 a ticket.

Organisers are battling the credit crunch head-on and offering the exclusive, VIP-area tickets to festival goers fed-up with mud baths, flimsy tents and filthy toilets.

The luxury tents, which range from £940 to £2505 for the weekend, are called “Cloudhouses, yurts and squrts” and will be fitted with sheepskin rugs, cushions and ornate lanterns.

A T in the Park spokeswoman said that the facilities are so luxurious that they would even “turn the headliners green with envy.”

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