The Susan Boyle Story – Day Four

WATCH the fabulous fourth part of our special Britains Got Talent feature on the remarkable rise of Scotlands fastest-rising star: Susan Boyle.

In the run-up to Saturdays live final, Deadline Scotland is charting the life of Britains most amazing talent all this week The Susan Boyle Story, Every Day, 6.30pm GMT.

Susan Boyle’s secret worry over new mum niece collapse

By Lauren Crooks

Britain’s Got Talent singer Susan Boyle is sick with worry after her favourite niece collapsed just weeks after giving birth to a baby boy.

Jacquelene Houston, 31, had been suffering dizzy spells, heaping stress on her famous aunt in the run up to the grand final of the contest.

Susan – who became an instant celebrity after her first appearance in the show and is competing for a chance to sing for the Queen on Saturday – has already snapped in public this week as pressure builds.

WORRY: Susan Boyle

WORRY: Susan Boyle

And yesterday the tension mounted further as Jacquelene – daughter of Susan’s brother James – was rushed to hospital.


Medics said she had collapsed, falling down the stairs in her Bathgate home.

The news of the fall will add to Susan’s stress in the wake of Saturday’s live TV final – expected to be viewed by 100s of millions of people. Yesterday a close friend of Jacquelene said: “I was walking by and saw the ambulance outside their house.

“Jacqui has been having dizzy spells and I saw them going into the back.

“Stephen dumped his work van and jumped into their own car and sped off behind it.

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Party plans for Susan Boyle’s beloved Blackburn

By Cara Sulieman

BLACKBURN will become the party capital of Scotland tomorrow (sat) as the whole town prepares to roar their most famous daughter to victory.

Neighbours have already strung bunting across the street and are hoping to have a giant TV screen installed in time for a massive street party.

And at the nearby community centre dozens of friends and colleagues are readying to celebrate long into the night  if she can pull off her once impossible dream.

On Yule Terrace, where the singing sensation lives, neighbours are hoping to dance the night away at their very own street party.
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Thieves tunnel hole to rob mobile phone shop

O2 ShopBy Michael MacLeod

MASKED raiders tunnelled into a mobile phone shop in an audacious £10,000 raid.

The mole-like mob cut phone lines and ripped down alarms before digging their way into the O2 shop in Edinburgh.

Using sledgehammers and chisels to smash their way from the outside into the shop, the pair propped a mattress up behind them to hide from surrounding flats.

They escaped with almost 100 mobile handsets before making their Great Escape-style escape back out the hole.

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Stirling Albion fans’ cup final plea

By Paul Thornton

A GROUP of fans hoping to buy their club and save it from financial ruin are appealing to cup final fans to help them raise the £140,000 they need.

Fans of Stirling Albion FC have said they have the backing of all four groups of supporters involved in the Scottish and English cup finals, which are held tomorrow (Saturday).

The campaign want to buy the club which is facing administration and say that if every fan who attends the finals donates £1 they will be able to push ahead with their plans.

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Scots beauty eats sheep brains in bid to become TV model

Ashley Brown


SCOTS beauty Ashley Brown found out a model’s life is not as glamorous as it seems – when she was forced to eat sheep brains in her pursuit of becoming Britain’s Next Top Model.

This week’s episode of the Living TV show saw the 20 year-old mum-of-two tucking into the animal’s brain matter as she auditioned for an Icelandic advert.

But the Livingston lovely couldn’t hide her disgust at eating the gooey mush and was forced to spit it out.

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Youngsters risk lives in tombstoning fad

By Paul Thornton

POLICE in Tayside have warned children are risking their lives in a deadly craze known as tombstoning.

The force has recently had reports of two incidents involving 12 to 16-year-old youngsters leaping into the water at Arbroath Harbour.

And they say a child could be seriously hurt or killed in the busy water port if the trend continues.

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Teacher struck off after axe attack


AN ALCOHOLIC teacher has been struck off after being convicted of smashing his girlfriend’s front door in with an axe.

William McMenamy, 54, from Skye, was convicted of a breach of the peace charge at Dingwall Sheriff Court last August following the drunken attack.

McMenamy, who had just completed a term working as a supply English teacher at Portree High School, Skye, at the time of the incident, was subsequently sectioned for two months by the court as an alternative to a jail term.

Yesterday, a General Teaching Council (Scotland) sub-committee decided the severity of his conviction brought the teaching profession into disrepute and struck his name from the teaching register for at least 12 months.

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