Pair of rescued baby owls were ‘left for dead’

By Michael MacLeod and Oliver Farrimond

A PAIR of fluffy owl siblings were almost crushed to death when jackdaws built a nest on top of them.

The tiny Tawny chicks had their nest engulfed when the larger birds decided they made for perfect soft bedding.

But the plucky birds were rescued by animal experts from the Scottish SPCA, who said they found them “left for dead”.

They have been fondly named Fiona and Greig, after the senior animal rescuer who saved them, Fiona Greig.

They are said to be recovering well after being buried under almost a foot of new bedding at a falconry centre in Cumbernauld.

The birds had to be hand-reared at the Scottish SPCA’s Middlebank wildlife rescue centre until they became more confident. Continue reading

Nurse cautioned for disconnecting patients buzzer


By Lauren Crooks

A NURSE who disabled her patients’ emergency alarms has avoided being struck from the register.

Anne Facchini, 54, disconnected the call buzzers in the rooms of two elderly disabled residents in separate Ayrshire care homes.

One wheelchair-bound woman was forced to wet the bed as a result, leaving her “distressed, upset and humiliated”.

And another had to scream to care assistants for help because her monitor wouldn’t work.

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Woman sparks mid-air terror

By Paul Thornton

A SUICIDAL woman tried to open a door on a passenger aeroplane as it travelled at 32,000 feet.Sheriff court stock pic

The pilot of the plane said Ann Gilmour’s bid to leap from the aircraft could have had “catastrophic” consequences for the 100 passengers on board.

Terrified cabin crew had to drag the 47-year-old from the door during the Air France flight to Edinburgh.

The Glasgow woman later told police she planned to jump from the vehicle because it would be “a good way to die”.

And at Edinburgh Sheriff Court she admitted culpable and reckless conduct after psychiatrists ruled she was fit to plead guilty.

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Sex clinic’s secret side door

What the new clinic will look like

What the new clinic will look like

By Cara Sulieman

A SEXUAL health clinic is getting a secret side door as part of a £9 million renovation – to stop embarrassed patients from being spotted.

The Edinburgh clinic is getting a refurbishment to get it up to scratch, including a three-story extension.

And people are so worried that friends and family will see them coming out of the STI hospital that bosses have built a whole new exit.

Not only has the exit been placed on a side street, but the internal layout of waiting rooms was also influenced by patient’s embarrassment.

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Puppets to educate children on HIV

A scene from one of the No Strings natural disaster films

A scene from one of the No Strings natural disaster films

By Cara Sulieman

A BRITISH-based couple have teamed up with the creators of the Muppets to educate children in Africa about HIV and Aids.

Johnie McGlade, founder of the educational charity No Strings, headed out to New York earlier this week to oversee the filming of puppet shows that teach kids about the killer disease.

It was a chance meeting between Johnie and two Muppet artists that led to the creation of the charity in 2004.

And now they are pooling their skills once again to make the films that they hope will save lives.

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Birthday girl saves dad after car pier plunge

Robert Wilson - Car in Water


A NURSE celebrating her birthday has been hailed a heroine after pulling her elderly father from his car after it plunged 15 feet into stormy seas.

Robert Wilson, 79, from Accrington, near Manchester, was visiting relatives when he took daughter Philippa Fielden and her two Australian friends for a Forth Bridge sightseeing trip.

But the visit almost turned to tragedy as Mr Wilson tried to negotiate a tricky three-point turn at Long Craig Pier in South Queensferry on Tuesday at around 6pm.

The automatic silver Ford Mondeo suddenly careered forward off the pier and dropped head first into the water with all four still inside.

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